“Outright bans on plastic bags may not be the best solution, but education and incentives to get people to stop using them are necessary”
David Suzuki

Offering Innovative Solutions

Since 2008

Credo Bags have been manufacturing practical and convenient reusable bags that are made in Canada.
Our philosophy has always been to reduce plastic waste in the environment by providing smart solutions to consumers. We are proud to say that we have helped shoppers reduce their consumption by offering innovative solutions such as our signature “Mesh cotton produce bag” to help minimize the use of single-use plastic bags. We offer a complete range of food storage bags that take into consideration thoughtful design and function to assist consumers and reduce excessive packaging.

“Facilitate your transition to a zero waste lifestyle by turning to unpackaged food”.
Bea Johnson

Impact - Zero Waste

Making the decision to be mindful when it comes to choosing products with less packaging and not to use disposable plastic or paper bags is a small and simple change that each one of us can make. A conscious choice now, that becomes second nature later. Credo Bags is here to support and guide those who would like to embrace the “Zero Waste” movement as their new lifestyle. We offer options to help consumers shop with intention and help those who want to leave the planet a better and cleaner place for the next generation by lowering their eco-footprint.

 Certification & Traceability

If we don’t know where it comes from we won’t use it. We have certifications for all our fabrics.
We have learned a lot about fabrics in the past ten years. Organic Cotton and Hemp are always preferred … recycled even better!


Words to live by.
Choose one two or three actions
It’s time to get started.


By supporting our local labour force  we have  established relationships with our suppliers  and in turn have an ongoing  dialogue on how we can improve our products.


Bulk Shopping is  in… excess packaging  is out! It’s a new movement, and catching on all over the world. Credo supports these new vendors who offer an alternative to wasteful consumption and are giving consumers a new option…
Purchasing food and beauty products unpackaged!
We strive to support consumers and offer them reusable options to help them purchase these bulk items.

 Sustainable Fabrics

Organic and Recycled Cotton – Hemp – Organic linen -PET(bottle bag fabric) Washable – easy on the environment – sustainable.
Credobags only uses renewable resources to make our bags.

Bags Catalogue


Credobags Mesh Produce Bags for fruits and vegetables are the practical option for the Zero Waste lifestyle. Reuse these bags at the grocery store or farmers’ market – to replace plastic single use bags. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing an option that is sustainable- reusable and recyclable. Credobags is the only company in North America manufacturing this bag.

• 100% Regular Cotton or Certified Organic Cotton Mesh (Natural)
• Washable
• These bags replace filmy plastic produce bags
• Mesh design allow cashiers to easily identify contents of bag
• Convenient drawstring closure
• Offered in convenient combos packs
• Branded logo patches available – inquire about

Made in Canada


If you are already living the Zero Waste lifestyle and have decided to make a conscious effort to cut down on disposable plastic and paper bags and packaging – our cotton Bulk Bags are a convenient reusable option. These bags are a practical storage solution for bulk purchases such as rice, dried beans, nuts, coffee, pasta and grains. Use our smaller size for herbs or loose teas. The larger size for lettuces, potatoes celery etc. and keep them in the refrigerator or dry storage to prolong freshness. Take these lightweight bags with you for bulk shopping- they are light to transport and then easily unload them at home into your glass jars.

• Reusable option when shopping for unpackaged bulk items
• Washable
• 3 sizes – Small-Medium-Large
• Convenient drawstring
• Hemp/Organic Cotton blend or 100% Organic Cotton
• Offered by the case or in convenient combo packs
• Printing option available

Made in Canada


These bread bags will keep your crusty loaf of bread fresh better and a bit longer than paper or plastic (which tend to make crust soft and damp). Bring them with you to the bakery to transport your baked goods. Use them at the dinner table to keep rolls hot longer too. They are made from sustainable fabric that will get softer with each wash and with proper care should last a lifetime.

Made in Canada


Credobags Classic String Market Bag brings old world style back to shopping. Originally made for fisherman, net bags known in France as filet were later adopted for mainstream use as featherweight, flexible totes for everything from groceries to laundry. This cotton reusable bag is great to use at the market and for daily shopping. Lightweight compact in design this is a highly functional option and will end the need for plastic bags in your daily life. Just like the bag your grandmother used “back in the day”.

• Long handle to be worn comfortably on the shoulder
• Can carry up to 20-25 lbs- 10-12 kilos of groceries
• 100% Cotton –Natural and undyed
• Washable

Made in Canada


Item #C-107

100% Cotton
Dimensions: 28 in/71 cm, total length, including shoulder strap
Color: Natural
These bags are made of 100% untreated natural cotton – please allow a reasonable tolerance for shrinkage (8 -10%)


In the wake of an increasingly eco-conscious consumer market, we are re-examining our actions in our everyday lives, and seeking to make a smaller eco-footprint through smarter and less wasteful choices. Canvas lunch bags are an eco-friendly and safe alternative for parents who don’t want their children using Vinyl or PVC lunch boxes and bags. This bag is 100% lead free. It will save hundreds of disposable plastic or paper bags from landfills, plus it holds more than a standard brown paper bag. Carry this smart, chic practical bag and you can be as cool as your lunch.

Made in Canada


Item #C-162 

• Velcro closure
• Heavy Canvas – webbing handles
• Recycled cotton/PET blend
• Printed – “LUNCH” or Vintage Cutlery design
• Washable

100% Cotton
Size: 12″ (w) x 9″ (h) x 5.5″ (gusset) / 31 cm (w)x 22 cm (h)x 13 cm (gusset)
Color: Natural Canvas with black printing- “LUNCH” OR “CUTLERY” Design
These bags are made of 100% untreated natural cotton – please allow a reasonable tolerance for shrinkage (8 -10%)


Credobags signature Ecoshopper is functional, strong and easy to carry. This is a bag that never gets left behind -so compact that it folds into it’s own pouch. Keep it stored in your purse, pocket or car. Each bag can hold up to 20-lbs/10 kilos of groceries, handy to use at supermarkets, farmers markets and for all types of shopping. Very convenient for traveling when used as a laundry or a picnic bag. The Ecoshopper gets rave reviews from all our customers.

• Strong and Durable
• Washable
• Six vibrant colours
• Convenient – folds away easily into a matching pouch
• Water resistant
• 100% Ripstop Nylon
• Imported

 Start living a Zero Waste Lifestyle