# C-117
Sustainable Fabrics
100% Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world! No pesticides or fertilizer needed. The pulp from the bamboo is ground up and the fibers are spun into yarn. It has a sheen that resembles silk – a smooth and supple fabric that is naturally anti-bacterial and environmentally sustainable! Use them as shopping bags to run errands around town. Use them as book bags to go to school or the library – they fit a laptop, magazines, notebooks and supplies. These bags are chic, reusable and strong. Make your statement by using these eco-friendly bamboo bags.

  6 oz. (201 grams sq. meter)
Made in Canada
Item # C-117 - Bamboo Shopper • 15” x 16” x 3 ½” – 38cm x 41cm x 9cm(bottom) • 1 ½” web shoulder strap– inside pocket • Natural or Black • Custom print

Item # C-118 - Bamboo Book Bag • 13” x 15” - 33cm x 38cm –
1 ¼” web shoulder strap • Natural or Black • Custom print