# C-135

100% Cotton – natural & undyed

To compliment our selection of produce bags we are now offering Credobags Bulk Bags, a multi-use bag to improve green living. If you are already in the eco-mode of rejecting flimsy, disposable plastic in favour of reusable bags, Credobags Bulk Bags are the perfect addition to your eco-smart repertoire.

Not only do they hold your fruits and vegetables, but they are a practical solution for bulk purchases such as dried beans, nuts and grains. Use our smaller size for herbs or loose teas. They are even useful as snack bags in your kids' lunches as a replacement for disposable baggies. Other suggested uses for these practical bags are as gift bags and personal organizers for traveling.

  Reusable option at bulk stores
  Available in natural unbleached cotton
  Lightweight and washable
  Multi useful
  Convenient drawstring
  Offered in convenient combos packs
  Bags offered printed and unprinted

Item # C-134 - Small 5”(w) x 7”(l) – 12 cm(w) x 18cm(l)
Tare weight – 7 grams – 0.24 oz.

Item # C-135 - Medium 8”(w) x 10(l) - 20 cm(w)x 25cm(l)
Tare weight – 14 grams - 0.49 oz.

Item # C-136 - Combo Pack – Muslin & Mesh- (4 bags)
2 muslin – 1 Small 5” x 7” and 1 Medium 8” x 10”
2 mesh - 1 Medium 10” x 12” 1 Large 12” x 15”

Item # C-137 - Combo Pack - Muslin(4 bags)
2 muslin- Small 5” x 7”
2 muslin- Medium 8” x 10”

Item # C-141 - Muslin Bulk Bag with “Bulk and Vrac” print (recto/verso)
8” (w) x 10” (l) – 20 cm (w) x 25cm (l)
Colours – Green combo only

Note: These bags are made of 100% untreated natural cotton
– please allow a reasonable tolerance for shrinkage (8 -10%).

All bags made in Canada