# I-108
“Credobags” – Ecoshopper
100% Ripstop Nylon

Credobags’ signature Ecoshopper is a must have for the modern environmentalist. Functional, strong, and easy to carry, this bag is the symbol of eco-friendly convenience. Keep one or more around in your purse, briefcase, car or pocket. The Ecoshopper can be used everyday, for everything – with a variety of unisex colours and its classic style, this bag can be used by absolutely anyone. Say “no thank you” to paper and plastic bags at the grocery checkout or the shopping mall.

  Strong and durable, can carry up to 25-30 lbs of groceries, replacing 2-3 plastic shopping bags
  Chic – available in seven vibrant colors
  Convenient - folds away easily into its matching pouch
  Water resistant
Item # I-108 - Ecoshopper w/ pouch • Bag measures- 64cm x 37 cm x 11cm(gusset) – 25” x 15” x 4 ½”(gusset) • Pouch measures - 13 cm x 13 cm – 5” x 5”
Sold by color in pre-packs of 6 pcs

Available in 7 colors – Red, Royal, Lime, Magenta, Turquoise, Khaki, Black

Item # I-109 - Store Display – coming soon
Fabric Description
Ripstop Nylon
Ripstop is a backed nylon, parachute style fabric; it has a subtle, tone on tone, woven grid pattern- that stops rips. Ripstop has a similar look and feel to the nylon used to make windbreaker jackets( K-ways) and tents.