If you have a mandate to promote or represent your organization with promotional products Credo Bags has incredibly useful and effective products to offer. Choose from environmentally friendly products such as eco friendly conference, shopping and grocery bags, Produce and Bulk Bags. These bags can all be customised with your choice of logo and design. (minimum order required)

Whichever product you chose, Your company’s name or design will be printed onto the bag or on a high quality label. In addition to this, the items are washable and of course, can be used time and time again. We only use high quality sustainable materials to make our bags, so you can rest assured they are durable and will have a long life.
There are many benefits of having your branding aligned with eco friendly principles. This can help to manage your reputation when it comes to local and global issues such as sustainability. Get your organisation’s name out there in a way that is responsible –After all, more consumers today are looking to make ethical choices in the products and companies they support. That means aligning your company or non-profit with the “right” promotional products is a smart way to move forward into the future, keeping your brand and image relevant to the growing eco friendly movement.

Made in Canada

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