# C-117
Sustainable Fabrics
100% Bamboo

In our quest to be green, sometimes we can be over-zealous in offering something to consumers that has the connotations of being green, but may in fact not be. Credobags is concerned about the claims being made about Bamboo Fabrics.

There is no doubt that bamboo grows quickly and is a sustainable crop. Nevertheless, we must look at how Bamboo Fabric is made and the process that the raw material undergoes in the transformation from plant to fibre.

The fabrics being offered by textile importers look “lustrous” and claim to be “cashmere-like” – we need to question how they are processed to become this end product.

After extensive research, it turns out that the process involved in making Bamboo Fabric is extremely chemically intensive.. For this reason, the Canadian and U.S. governments have enforced new regulations regarding the labelling of products made from bamboo. Beginning this year, all content labelling on clothing, accessories and home products made from bamboo must read “100% Viscose made from bamboo fibre” - rather than 100% bamboo.

Please be wary consumers and retailers, and ensure that you read the various articles and statements regarding Bamboo Fibre. See links to supporting information websites to help you understand our decision.

For the time being, you can continue to “be green” with Credobags’ Organic Cotton and Hemp bags – fabrics that are safely produced and environmentally friendly through-and-through. In the meantime, we will continue our search for other sustainable fabrics!