# C-138
Lunch Bags - Wine Bags - Bread Bags - Snack Bags
100% Cotton

In the wake of an increasingly eco-conscious consumer market, we are reexamining our everyday lives, and seeking to make a smaller eco-footprint through smarter and less wasteful choices. As such, Credobags has expanded their product line to include:

Lunch Bags – Canvas lunch bags are an eco-friendly and safe alternative for parents who don’t want their children using Vinyl or PVC lunch boxes and bags. This bag is 100% lead free. It will save hundreds of disposable plastic or paper bags from landfills, plus it holds more than a standard brown paper bag. By the way, this bag is not only for kids! Carry this smart, chic practical bag to the office and you can be as cool as your lunch.

Wine Bags – Give green at your next dinner party by bringing your bottle of wine in a reusable wine bag – available in white or red wine option.

Baguette Bags – Grocery stores and markets aren't the only places for the eco-conscious consumer. You can now save paper at the bakery with our new baguette bags!

Snack Bags – Make a smarter choice by placing these cute little "snack bags" in your children’s lunches rather than disposable plastic baggies for their treats and fruit.

Item# C-138 – Small muslin bag with “SNACK” print
5” (w) x 7” (l) -12 cm (w) x 18 cm (l)
Colour – Green combo only

Item# C-139 – Muslin Wine Bag with “Wine-Vin-Vino” print
14” -35cm with drawstring.
Colours – Green combo or Burgundy combo

Item# C-140 – Muslin Bread Bag with “Baguette” print
5.5” (w) x 25” (l) - 13cm (w) x 63cm (l)
Colours – Green combo only
*Can fit one larger loaf or two smaller loafs

Item# C-123- Lunch Bag 10 oz. canvas - “Lunch” print with Velcro closure and webbing handle 10”(h) x 7”(w) -25cm (h) x 18cm(w) (closed measure) - Natural/Pistachio print

Note: These bags are made of 100% untreated natural cotton – please allow a reasonable tolerance for shrinkage (8 -10%)

Minimum quantity for private label and branding 50 dz.

All bags made in Canada